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With top speeds of 112 km/h cheetahs are fascinating cats to view in the wilderness. At Footsteps, we are fortunate to have a mother with two cubs who reside in the area, the open terrain on this part of the concession is a perfect habitat for these animals.


Recently, I was out on a short drive with guests, we were going to find a base from which to start a walk. It must have been my lucky day, as we drove into the open grass plains there the beautiful specimens were. We all came to the agreement that the walk was going to be delayed, it was worth it, even if it meant walking in the heat of the day.


The cubs were very active as the mother lay on her side, constantly scanning the area and remaining alert. With lions roaming and ruling the Footsteps area amongst other predators, I am very impressed that this adult cheetah has managed to raise two cubs.


We have seen her fairly regularly on the concession, as the cubs starting growing she would occasionally leave them and go out hunting, most times returning with a kill. Cheetah are facing a habitat loss crisis which has led to them being placed on the list of endangered species, in saying this, I hope that these animals continue living and breeding in the safe haven of the Footsteps area.

Images and story by Omphile Kaluluka (Specialist guide)