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We recently had an amazing day with wilddogs in camp! Early in the morning my two guest and I really did not have to travel far from Shinde for our first sighting. The wilddog pack were found just in front of camp.

Resting in the shade

They spent the morning resting allowing us to take some great photos of them.

In front of camp

By late afternoon they started hunting in two groups, although there were only five of them they made two successful kills.

Wilddog at Shinde

 The first was made right in front of the camp, near the waters edge. Amazingly, the other a couple of 100m away by the side of the staff village.

Bloody face

This was such an unexpected sighting as lion numbers in the area often keeps the wilddog away. But with two successful hunts in one small area maybe they will decide to stay a while.

Photos and text by Aubrey (Shinde Guide)