Ker Downey Botswana

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Kanana guests have experienced some dramatic and exciting wild dog sightings over the last few days, from  dogs chasing a honey badger to elephants chasing the dogs!

This very morning, whilst enjoying freshly brewed coffee and a scrumptious breakfast, the camp guides noticed several wild dogs pursuing a female kudu through the camp, before diverting their attentions to an unfortunate impala who happened to be feeding in their path. Naturally everyone was delighted to see such a enthralling sighting before even leaving camp for their game drive! The remaining coffee and breakfast was finished off quickly, in order to get out and about as soon as possible!

As the guests were being walked from the dining room to the vehicles for the morning drive, a single dog ran straight down the road and past the guests without giving them a second look. It swerved into some nearby bushes and within seconds, the unpleasant sound of an impala being pulled down was heard nearby. The guides and guests were the able to observe the end of the hunt on foot as the pack of dogs consumed their prey several yards away.

While the dramatic and brutal end to the hunt was both shocking and exciting, it reminds us of the often harsh reality of survival in the natural world. The impala lost its life, but the young wild dog pups waiting at the den would feed and grow strong as a result of this much needed meal.


Wild dog hunt at Kanana