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A couple of months back we spoke to Doctor about the lion activity on the Kanana concession and he mentioned the Eastern pride, two incredibly powerful male lions who moved into the area, joining a group of females – the group is now known as the Kanana Pride. Click here to read Doctor's blog about the pride.

Kanana pride 1

Isaac recently witnessed a fascinating sighting involving the two eastern males which he documents below:

We were on an early morning game drive near paradise island when I saw a funeral of vultures circling ahead. I drove towards the area to investigate, as we approached a strong stench filled the air – I knew immediately that there was a dead animal nearby.

Kanana pride 3

As we came around the corner we saw the two males from the Kanana pride feeding on a sub-adult hippo. This is not a common occurrence but it didn’t surprise me as It wasn’t even two weeks before this sighting that I saw them dragging a huge male giraffe that they had killed.

Kanan pride 2

These two males are dominating the concession and have fathered three cubs since their arrival. This is such a positive sign for the lion population at Kanana and we hope to see their numbers increase gradually from here onwards

Story and images by Isaac Tapa (Professional guide at Kanana)