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I went out for a morning game drive with my guests and it turned out to be a fairly quiet day on the Shinde concession however we were lucky to find a Serval cat. We were surprised to see this little cat out and about in the sunshine as it is specified as a primarily nocturnal, it's beauty and grace definitely made up for the slow day.

I saw this cat while we were heading towards the hippo pools in an open patch of grassland. There was no hint of a breeze but the swaying and shaking in the grass betrayed the serval's presence as he hunted mice or rats along tiny paths in the grass. It was a very interesting sighting into the life of one of these special creatures.

Serval edited

Serval also feed on birds, frogs and fish and are distinctive with their slender bodies, long legs and short tail. They are marked by black spots merging into bands and white bars on the back of their large ears. Males and females live apart in overlapping ranges usually found near water. Fully grown, a serval can weigh up to 18 kg's.

Story by Bonolo (Professional guide)