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It was an early Thursday morning at Shinde and there was lots of excitement filling the air as we left for a walking safari with Kenny (professional Guide at Shinde), myself (Lucas, assistant guide at Shinde) and our guests. The bush was so silent as we started to walk, the quietness along with a cool winter morning added a very peaceful atmosphere to the start of our walk. Ten minutes into walk, we received a radio call from Bonolo (Shinde guide), He was calling in a hyena sighting at Hippo Pools, about a seven minute drive from where we were.

Kenny informed everyone of the sighting and gave the guests the option of cutting short the walking safari to drive to the Hyena. Without hesitation, we were all back in the vehicle and on our way to Hippo Pools. Upon arrival, we found two hyenas, while we were observing them we noticed them sniffing up the wind, this is usually a signal that there is a kill in the area. The both of them started heading off in a south easterly direction. The two other vehicles drove away as they had been viewing the Hyenas since the start of the morning activity but our vehicle continued tracking them as we felt they would lead us to something interesting.

Our perseverance paid off when we saw the spectacular sight of two new young male lions which we believe to be brothers. They were on the other side of the flood plain, sitting on elevated ground, probably an abandoned termite mound.

We drove past them to have a closer look at this majestic beauty before us. From appearance, they were so skinny and looked like they were starving. These lions were nomads in this area and they will stay silent so as to alert the residents of their presence. This was really why we were taken aback by these two lions, they surprised us being here.

Towards the end of last month, these same two unmistakable lions came and tried to invade this area but failed to make it as their dreams were abolished by Boutu, Shinde’s famous ghost lion who is also the dominate male here. Even though Boutu was badly injured on his fore limbs, he managed to push these two young intruders out.

The brothers are back again… We are eagerly looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this pair in this area. “Wow.” These words were on our lips the whole morning. It was a fantastic Thursday morning indeed and had no regrets at all for having postponed our safari walk to the next day.

Furthermore, after sighting these lions we decided that we would track the same lions tomorrow to see what had passed during the night. We did. The following day the surprising thing was that they were full bellied which means that they did successfully manage to scavenge a steal and fed.

I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a little more action from this regal tag team.

Blog story and images by Lucas (Assistant guide at Shinde)