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The Cheetah is a large elegant cat with long legs and solid black spots, black tear-marks between the eyes and mouth. It can sprint at 112km/h over a short distances, the fully grown healthy cheetah can weigh up to 50kg. Cheetah is not a common sighting at Shinde due to the high number on lion and… Read more »

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Walking in the Okavango, Botswana is full of surprises Guests were enjoying a morning walking Okavango safari at  Footsteps Across the Delta in the northern Okavango Delta, the rising summer temperatures dictating an early start. The guides noted lions roaring in the mid morning, several kilometres away. The lateness of their activity led the guides to… Read more »

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Having been with Ker & Downey Botswana for several years Relax (Mothusiemang Relemogeng) now joins Omphile Kaluluka as the third member of the specialist guiding team at Footsteps Across the Delta.