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Lions, being part of the greater feline family, are known not to favor water unless they are re-hydrating and in saying this, their bodies are adapted to go without water for days if need be. This particular afternoon, on the banks of the Xudum River at Kanana, made me realise how adaptable these animals really are.

I was on an afternoon game drive with my guests and it was time to head to the edge of the river for a sundowner. I was driving towards the water when I spotted two figures on the bank of the river ahead of me. Slowing down, I focused on these two objects, and to my surprise I saw our two resident male lions.

Swamp lions

Something on the other side of the River had their attention and they both seemed quite alert. It was about five minutes later when they started moving forward into the water and without any hesitation the pair of them began swimming across the river.

Swamp lions 3

Both my guests and I were completed fascinated by the sighting, these majestic creatures were completed submerged in the water, all we could see was their heads and a bit of fur from their manes. The pair emerged on the other end, shook themselves off and started walking into the bush until they were no longer visible.

Swamp lions 4

I explained to my guests that these animals have adapted to living in a water abundant habitat that is the Okavango Delta. It was a spectacular end to a day at Kanana and everyone had beaming smiles on their faces as we pulled into camp for the evening.

Story by Doctor (Professional guide at Kanana)