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The Southern Carmine Bee- Eater (Merops Nubicoides) is one of our resident migrants that form a part of the vibrant fauna and flora that make up the Okavango Delta in summer season. We all appreciate these birds and their striking colouration when we have the pleasure of viewing them in the bush but once they leave, do we know where they return to?

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The Southern Carmine Bee-Eater is an Intra-African migrant and interestingly enough, they never stay at their nesting sites for more than a couple of months. From the end of September to the end of March (Weather patterns dependant) they are found at their breeding sites in Southern African countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. Once the breeding season is over the Bee-Eaters will migrate into equatorial Africa, countries such as Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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On game drive and around camp the Bee-eaters are seen sitting along branches waiting for insects to fly out of the grass so they can attack while in flight. They are extremely social birds and because they migrate to Southern Africa to breed they are very vocal in their interaction with one another, and are often the loudest amongst their feathered friends.

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