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At Shinde guests enjoy regular sightings of Side-Striped Jackal as they favour the scrub areas present in the concession. The Side-Striped Jackal is larger than its more carnivorous cousin the Black-Backed Jackal. The jackal will often inhabit the same area for long periods of time and unknown to most, the breeding pair can remain monogamous for several years.


I was on a morning game drive with my guests and I decided that I wanted to show them something different. I knew that a Pair of Jackal were denning in the area and the female was seen to be expecting pups. We found spoor on the road and began to track the den, after quite some time our perseverance and patience paid off when we were rewarded with an encounter of six healthy playful pups. The average litter is from three to six young, so this pair have had a very successful breeding season.


The Latin name for Side-striped Jackal is (Canis Adustus) and a member of the Canidae family (the ‘dog’ family), which includes all living dogs, wolves, jackals and foxes.


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