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Since the beginning of last year, a young male lion has inhabited the Shinde concession, our team of guides always joke and call him him “Boutu” which means magic or ghost in Setswana.


The reason we have named him this is because he plays hide and seek with us, you will hear him roaring throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning but when it’s time to track him on game drive he disappears like he was never there.


I was on an early morning game drive with my guests when finally the hide and seek game came to an end as I spotted him walking out of the long green grass, in an almost ghost-like manner. It amazed me how healthy this lion is looking, his coat is shining and he looks very well fed.


The question I ask myself is how long will this healthy lifestyle of Boutu last as we have a coalition of two brothers that own this territory where we saw him. Will Boutu continue to play hide & seek with the two brothers or will they catch up with him?

Story, Images & Video by Bee (Professional guide at Shinde)