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It was a peaceful autumn afternoon whilst we were on afternoon game drive; we were ambling along through the beautiful Shinde concession appreciating the fragrance of wild sage and admiring the sun’s reflection of red and orange shades against the lush green vegetation. It was almost time to stop for a sundowner when scanning the area we came across one of Shinde’s resident female leopard resting in a Marula tree not far from the airstrip.


You can’t see in the pictures but she is heavily pregnant and should be expecting cubs soon! This is very exciting news as this female is so accustomed to the vehicle and as we have seen in the past, she will often bring out her cubs in full view when they are still very young.


She was so relaxed as we sat and viewed her for the rest of the afternoon, forfeiting our sundowner, but it was definitely worth it! She eventually stretched her legs, jumped down from the fork of the tree and began disappearing into the long grass where she may begin her hunt for the evening.


We will certainly welcome the new addition/s to the family and will look forward to seeing them grow up on this piece of paradise.

Story and images by Bee (Professional guide at Shinde)