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The water level has dropped considerably in the Delta which has caused a mini migration of grazers to gather in areas where they can find water and at Shinde we are lucky enough to have permanent water all year round. The migration of grazers like Zebra and Wildebeest has created an increase in predator presence which has been exciting especially on game drive we often get to witness the hunt!

The Wild Dogs have been seen regularly, there is a large pack of sixteen who have nine sub-adult pups – a lot of hungry mouths to feed! With the high numbers of antelope gathering around the water sources, the dogs have remained on Shinde for some time now making the most of the abundant food source.

Shinde’s resident cheetah and sub-adult cub are still roaming the concession, the open savanna grasslands that the dry season brings to Shinde is the perfect habitat for these creatures. The cub has begun hunting actively with its mother making for a lot of nail-biting game drives watching the two pursue their prey at top speeds!

We have also seen the arrival of a pride of three lionesses and a young male lion on the concession, the pride seems to be nomadic as we have not seen them before! On arrival, almost the same day, I was on an afternoon game drive with my guests when we witnessed this pride take down a large Zebra stallion!

Blog story and images by Kenny (professional guide at Shinde)