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The Cheetah is a large elegant cat with long legs and solid black spots, black tear-marks between the eyes and mouth. It can sprint at 112km/h over a short distances, the fully grown healthy cheetah can weigh up to 50kg.


Cheetah is not a common sighting at Shinde due to the high number on lion and leopard in the area, but they do visit occasionally.

Impala is a medium sized antelope, with only the males having horns. They live in savanna grasslands and woodlands that have a water source close by.

Unlike other antelopes, the impala is an adaptable forager and does not need to migrate long distances so are always seen around the Shinde concession.


After a while of not spotting this majestic male cheetah in the Shinde area he made an appearance at our open grass plains.

We sat, breath held as he stalked his prey. Innocent impala!

Knowing their success rate on hunts isn’t that high we eventually relaxed, I switch the vehicle off and we all made ourselves comfortable to enjoy the sighing.


Energy, out of nowhere! The cheetah was up and on the run. The impala ran towards us. We sat in silence, some with hopes on the impala, some with hopes on the cheetah! You want to see him make a kill, you don’t want to see the demise of the impala. Such mixed emotions. The atmosphere is tense. One final burst of speed and the cheetah makes contact with his prey.

Death comes quickly.