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It was a lovely morning out in the bush and my guests were on their last game drive before departure. We were heading back to Shinde, sharing stories about the bush and the highlights from their safari in the Delta. We came around a corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we saw this beautiful cheetah sitting majestically in the grass in front of us. As I stopped the vehicle the cheetah gracefully got up and climbed into a dead Combretum tree, almost as though she was posing for us. It was a truly magical sighting and I was satisfied that my guests were going to leave camp with happy hearts.Cheetah

Once we had packed up at camp we got into the vehicle and started heading towards the airstrip when a large male lion walked out onto the road ahead of us. He was a big male framed by a beautiful dark, shaggy mane. He lay down under a tree and it looked like he was going to settle there while he waited for the heat of the day to pass.

It was a truly spectacular two hours with the Shinde Cheetah and lion!

Story and images by Bee (Shinde guide)