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A few weeks ago Moses Teko, Ker & Downey Botswana Guide Trainer, reported from Kanana that this resident female leopard was hiding in the trunk of a large sausage tree (Blog link here). Moses suspected that she had cubs as she had been seen in that location for every day consecutively for a week. Two weeks later Simon, Kanana guide, and his guests went to see if she was hiding in the tree – read below for the pleasant surprise they were greeted with upon arrival at the Sausage Tree:

It was a chilly winter morning when I headed out on a game drive with my guests; my plan of action was to first drive to the Sausage Tree where one of resident female leopards has been seen lately. We suspected that she may have cubs which has created great anticipation amongst our team of guides here at Kanana!

We drove towards the tree, and there the female was, lying in the grass next to the road. As we approached we saw them, one, two, three, FOUR cubs! I couldn’t believe it! Leopards usually have between two to four cubs in a litter, the former being the most common. The cubs are about three weeks old. The mother will keep them in the tree until she feels threatened, then she will move them to another hiding place!

It was the best surprise seeing these tiny creatures and the perfect start to our game drive!

Blog Story and pictures by Simon (Professional guide at Kanana)