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The increased Leopard activity at Kanana over the past few months has really made for some exciting game viewing and it just got a whole lot better! We have seen a few new individuals moving into, and inhabiting, the concession resulting in a change of dynamics within the leopard population

Moses Teko, Ker & Downey Botswana Guide Liason, has recently been guiding at Kanana. He was on a morning drive with his guests when they decided to track one of the resident female leopards whom he suspected had cubs.

He was driving in an area close to camp when he saw the female sitting at the bottom of a large sausage tree, the cubs must have been very close by as she was extremely alert. All of a sudden, she leaped up into the sausage tree and maneuvered her way through a narrow crevice in the tree trunk.

Moses caught a glimpse of the cubs as he looked through the narrow gap in the tree but they were so well hidden, if he hadn’t come across the female they would have never noticed where she was hiding them!

A few minutes later, the female made her way down the tree and sniffed around the vehicle before walking off into the thick bush where they left her!

This is exciting news for Kanana and we look forward to updating you as these little creatures begin their life on the concession.

Photos taken by Moses Teko