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“It will roughly take us 30 minutes to Okuti, but the safari has just begun” that’s a sentence I often use whenever I pick up new guests. We left the airstrip as soon as the dust from the 3 planes that brought our guests settled. It was a private group of Americans and I was with the other guides so we had to stay close to each other.

As we were driving to the Wildlife registration point, we heard baboons calling from Paradise Pool road, we agreed to go and have a look at what was disturbing them. It took us maybe 5 minutes from where we heard the first call to where the elusive cat presented itself. It was resting on a branch of an Apple-leaf tree and we could see it very clearly.

Apparently the baboons were the first passers-by and as we were enjoying the sighting, an elephant came and passed through, we knew that the leopard won’t take its chances on the biggest land animal. I then looked at my colleagues to see how they were because it was getting late but my instinct was telling me to stay a little longer.

The cat started to look concerned and moved to the other branch, we did not know by then what was bothering it. One guest from the other guide vehicle screamed with a very happy voice ”Look! There comes Impalas”. It was as if we had been waiting for them. The interest now shifted from the Leopard to Impalas as they walked by the Apple-leaf trees.

Just in a blink of an eye, I could see something falling from the tree and there was weird sounds and dust, then next thing we saw was the cat dragging its meal into a thicket and that was it.

The drive to camp was an exciting one, everyone wanted to share his/her own story of what happened and in my mind I was thinking; “I wish I could rephrase my 30 minutes to camp sentence” but I was happy that nobody asked me about it.

Leopard at Okuti