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It’s that time of the year again at Shinde when the days are getting longer, the grasses are getting shorter and the water is starting to recede. These conditions make for perfect game viewing as we start seeing game concentrating around the water holes and pans that we find on the concession. I was on an early morning game drive with my guests, traversing the eastern side of Shinde when to my surprise, we came across a lone male sable antelope.

We do see these beautiful antelope from time to time but it certainly not a common occurrence. The sable antelope are impressive creatures weighing up to 235 Kilograms. The sable have beautiful horns which curve backwards towards their spine, these horns are their most important asset in protecting themselves from predators, they are extremely sharp and many battles have been lost by cats in their attempt to take down a sable.

Sable are grazers and are mainly found living in woodland and Savanna regions, this is why they are not common to the Okavango Delta however the dry season we are experiencing at the moment does present more favourable conditions for the antelope.

It has been very special having this bull on the Shinde concession, sable antelope are truly majestic creatures and one of the more interesting of the antelope species!

Story and images by Kenny (Professional guide at Shinde)