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The pink-backed pelican is one of our resident water birds we find at the Kanana Heronry amongst others such as the Marabou Stalk, African Open Bill, Yellow-Billed Storks, Goliath Heron, Rufus-bellied Heron, Black-Crowned Night Heron, African Darters and Little Egrets.

The pink-backed pelican is found in a range of aquatic habitats, but prefers quiet backwaters with shallow water, avoiding steep, vegetated banks making the Heronry the perfect habitat for this species.One will find them Nesting in trees very close together,these nests are used every year until the tree collapses. The nest is a large group of sticks of sticks and at the Heronry, these nests are found mainly in the Gomoti Fig trees.

Birding experts, Mark Muller and Alison Flatt, visited the heronry recently to document the breeding patterns of the Pelicans and the other resident birds that inhabit the heronry, they came out with astounding findings and images on the Pink-backed Pelicans drinking.

See below for the series of shots taken by Mark of the Pink-backed Pelican Drinking on the wing, “Where there is a nice open stretch of water they will pick up water on the wing – a process that I have documented in the series of pictures, you will see how, once they regain their stability they lift their heads up high to swallow the water they have picked up” Mark Muller


Pinkbacks - Drinking on the wing-3

Pinkbacks - Drinking on the wing-4

Pinkbacks - Drinking on the wing-5

Pinkbacks - Drinking on the wing-7

Pinkbacks - Drinking on the wing-8

Information and images: Mark Muller & Alison Flatt