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It was a lovely morning out in the bush and my guests were on their last game drive before departure. We were heading back to Shinde, sharing stories about the bush and the highlights from their safari in the Delta. We came around a corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we saw this beautiful cheetah sitting majestically in the grass in front of us. As I stopped the vehicle the cheetah gracefully got up and climbed into a dead Combretum tree, almost as though she was posing for us. It was a truly magical sighting and I was satisfied that my guests were going to leave camp with happy hearts.Cheetah

Once we had packed up at camp we got into the vehicle and started heading towards the airstrip when a large male lion walked out onto the road ahead of us. He was a big male framed by a beautiful dark, shaggy mane. He lay down under a tree and it looked like he was going to settle there while he waited for the heat of the day to pass.

It was a truly spectacular two hours with the Shinde Cheetah and lion!

Story and images by Bee (Shinde guide)

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Female lions are known to be precision hunters if not the best marksman when hunting.

It’s sheer ferocity when pouncing on un-suspecting animal leaves a lot to be desired by other predators in the animal kingdom.DER_0345

Your perception of the Lion would have certainly changed had you seen the interaction I witnessed between a Lioness and her cubs in the Moremi Game Reserve. It had been a fairly chilly morning game drive from Okuti but the vibrant autumn rays of sunshine had begun creeping in and I could feel it was going to be an exciting morning. We were ambling along slowly, appreciating the morning light reflecting off the lush environment of the Delta when I spotted two little black ears sticking out of the thicket in front of me.Lion and cub

Nestled in a plush forest next to a large termite mound was a beautiful Lioness with her cub. As we approached and I was able to get a better view of the both of them, it seemed as though the Lioness was whispering stories of the wilderness into her cub’s ears, the cub reacting with increased affection towards her mother. We sat and watched them interact and I think we were all completely in awe of how gentle this Lioness was being. Lion and cub

The two began to get up slowly, the cubs restlessness making the mother realise that it was time to start walking before the heat of the day set in. They began wandering down the road together as if they both had an eventual destination in mind. At this stage of maternity, the lioness is fiercely protective so we kept a fair distance and watched this regal animal walk ahead into the bush alongside her beautiful offspring.

Text and images by Solly (Okuti Guide)

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Sleep Out Deck at Kanana

The Sleep Out Deck at Kanana overlooks an expansive water hole and is a mere 20 minutes gentle drive from camp. When filled by the annual rains the water hole is home to hippo, crocodile and a myriad of bird life. With the arrival of the dry season and as water recedes, the plains turn into a rich grassland and attracts abundant game by day and night!

Kanana Sunset

The sleep out deck is constructed on two levels. The upper deck provides your sleeping quarters, with star lit views as you will only find in the African night sky, while the lower deck provides easily accessible amenities for those annoying calls of nature, which may drag you from your warm blankets!

HIdeDay Kan 11331

After dinner in camp, you are escorted to your sleep out adventure, and find the deck appearing through the darkness lit up by flickering lamps. As you nestle deep into your comfortable bed, beneath a mosquito net, let the cool night air and African bush sounds wash over you and drift into a deep and restful sleep. Your armed guide will sleep nearby in his own tent available at an instant to assist you or return you to camp should you decide to return to your own tent.

Kanana Sleep Out Deck

Awakening refreshed with the light of the new day, hot coffee and tea awaits and the dawn chorus and the spectacular colours of the dawn sky can be enjoyed from the warm cocoon of your bed. At your leisure you can then enjoy a short game drive on the way back to camp for a sumptuous breakfast.

EleGuest Kan

The sleep out deck can be pre-booked at no extra cost for guests staying 3 or more nights at Kanana. Enquiry with our consultants today. Subject to availability and local conditions.

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We recently had an amazing day with wilddogs in camp! Early in the morning my two guest and I really did not have to travel far from Shinde for our first sighting. The wilddog pack were found just in front of camp.

Resting in the shade

They spent the morning resting allowing us to take some great photos of them.

In front of camp

By late afternoon they started hunting in two groups, although there were only five of them they made two successful kills.

Wilddog at Shinde

 The first was made right in front of the camp, near the waters edge. Amazingly, the other a couple of 100m away by the side of the staff village.

Bloody face

This was such an unexpected sighting as lion numbers in the area often keeps the wilddog away. But with two successful hunts in one small area maybe they will decide to stay a while.

Photos and text by Aubrey (Shinde Guide)

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It was in the late morning hours and the sun was warming up our bones after a cold Kanana morning. I was out for a game drive with a group of four guests, we all had our eyes searching with hopes to spot anything that moved. All the guests were caught by surprise when out of excitement I nearly jumped out of the moving vehicle. I was so excited because of a small little cat that I picked up basking in the sun right in an open area, it was an African Wild Cat.

African Wild Cat

These African wild cats are known to be nocturnal and very illusive but seeing it during the day time was the highlight of the game drive and the day for me and my guests.

African Wild Cat

Photos and text by Simon (Kanana guide)

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From the Footsteps Camp we tracked and found a male cheetah by Twin Pan. A few minutes after locating the fastest land mammal, he decided to scout the area from the top of a termite mound. Scanning for his prey the cheetah spotted some impalas in the distance. He stalked and chased them but he was not successful. Finally he decided to rest in the open for the night.

[caption id="attachment_2945" align="alignnone" width="689"]Photographs by Moses Photographs by Moses[/caption]

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“It will roughly take us 30 minutes to Okuti, but the safari has just begun” that’s a sentence I often use whenever I pick up new guests. We left the airstrip as soon as the dust from the 3 planes that brought our guests settled. It was a private group of Americans and I was with the other guides so we had to stay close to each other.

As we were driving to the Wildlife registration point, we heard baboons calling from Paradise Pool road, we agreed to go and have a look at what was disturbing them. It took us maybe 5 minutes from where we heard the first call to where the elusive cat presented itself. It was resting on a branch of an Apple-leaf tree and we could see it very clearly.

Apparently the baboons were the first passers-by and as we were enjoying the sighting, an elephant came and passed through, we knew that the leopard won’t take its chances on the biggest land animal. I then looked at my colleagues to see how they were because it was getting late but my instinct was telling me to stay a little longer.

The cat started to look concerned and moved to the other branch, we did not know by then what was bothering it. One guest from the other guide vehicle screamed with a very happy voice ”Look! There comes Impalas”. It was as if we had been waiting for them. The interest now shifted from the Leopard to Impalas as they walked by the Apple-leaf trees.

Just in a blink of an eye, I could see something falling from the tree and there was weird sounds and dust, then next thing we saw was the cat dragging its meal into a thicket and that was it.

The drive to camp was an exciting one, everyone wanted to share his/her own story of what happened and in my mind I was thinking; “I wish I could rephrase my 30 minutes to camp sentence” but I was happy that nobody asked me about it.

Leopard at Okuti

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The Cheetah is a large elegant cat with long legs and solid black spots, black tear-marks between the eyes and mouth. It can sprint at 112km/h over a short distances, the fully grown healthy cheetah can weigh up to 50kg.


Cheetah is not a common sighting at Shinde due to the high number on lion and leopard in the area, but they do visit occasionally.

Impala is a medium sized antelope, with only the males having horns. They live in savanna grasslands and woodlands that have a water source close by.

Unlike other antelopes, the impala is an adaptable forager and does not need to migrate long distances so are always seen around the Shinde concession.


After a while of not spotting this majestic male cheetah in the Shinde area he made an appearance at our open grass plains.

We sat, breath held as he stalked his prey. Innocent impala!

Knowing their success rate on hunts isn’t that high we eventually relaxed, I switch the vehicle off and we all made ourselves comfortable to enjoy the sighing.


Energy, out of nowhere! The cheetah was up and on the run. The impala ran towards us. We sat in silence, some with hopes on the impala, some with hopes on the cheetah! You want to see him make a kill, you don’t want to see the demise of the impala. Such mixed emotions. The atmosphere is tense. One final burst of speed and the cheetah makes contact with his prey.

Death comes quickly.

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On morning game drive from Kanana we found two lionesses with three cubs lying right in the middle of the road. We watched for a short time before they elegantly got up and wandered down the road. We followed them on the move for about 30 minutes. After a stroll the mother lay down on the road and began to nurse the cubs. This was an incredible morning sighting for my guests who not only got to see a lionesses with cubs but also got to see her feeding them. Kanana lion cubs - By Isaac

Lioness and cubs at KananaLioness and cubs at Kanana

Lioness and cubs at Kanana                         Lioness and cubs at Kanana

Lioness and cubs at KananaLioness and cubs at Kanana

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We left Okuti just after the sun left the horizon. I departed with an open mind, no particular expectations as the bushes were so quite the previous night. As we were driving, approximately five minutes from camp, I came across tracks of lioness. We followed the tracks for a while before they disappeared in the grasses. Even though it was a lovely experience to track the lioness, understandably everyone was more interested in the end result: to see the animal with the status of being the King of the jungle, but nature sometime has its own way of providing.

Right next to where the tracks disappeared into the grass there was a big herd of buffaloes. We spent some time looking at them and admiring these magnificent animals. Buffaloes have very unusual horns that fuse at the base, forming a continuous bone shield known as a "boss".
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Something caught my eye, it seemed that there was something happening at the far side of this herd. I quickly drove there to inspect and to our surprise the lioness we had been tracking early was being charged by a group of male buffaloes. There never gave her a chance to attack. When she finally realised that she was totally outnumbered, she disappeared into the thicket and we never saw her again. My guests and I were so thrilled by witnessing this great encounter. We continued on with the adventure.

#kerdowneyBW #okuti #moremi #botswana #tracks

#kerdowneyBW #okuti #moremi #botswana #tracks