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Winter has brought with it an abundance of sightings in the bountiful Footsteps area! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. Opie, specialist guide based at Footsteps and all round guru of the area has updated us on recent predator activity and with the update came excellent news that there are new additions to our resident families, read Opie's account below:

Wild Dogs Denning with Nine Puppies

We have been following this pack of five Wild Dogs for some time now and have seen a few failed hunting attempts but mostly successful ones. During one sighting I noticed the alpha female was heavily pregnant in June and I kept my fingers crossed that they would decide to find a den within the Footsteps area. My prayers were answered recently when we were on a drive looking for lions but happened to stumble upon three members of the pack, they were mobile so we decided to follow them.

In the distance I noticed the rest of the pack and as we approached I saw the den and counted nine puppies! The puppies are about one and a half months old. We watched them for a long time interacting and playing with one another, everyone in the game drive vehicle was speechless, it was a truly fantastic sighting!

Click here for a link to a video of the puppies playing at the den site

Lion Cubs

Just when we thought it couldn't get better having Wild Dog puppies denning nearby, our resident lionesses have blessed the Footsteps area with these lion cubs! One day I noticed vultures circling around an island so I decided to go and investigate, on arrival I saw the pride including the three cubs, all with very full bellies! There are two male cubs and one female and they are getting stronger and bigger by the day and hopefully they make it to adulthood without being harassed by the wild dogs, hyenas or the leopards.

Blog story and pictures by Omphile Kaluluka (Specialist Guide)