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Footsteps Camp located in the Shinde concession is home the the Ker & Downey Botswana family safari Young Explorers.

It was siesta time and we were back at Footsteps Camp. The kids and I were just packing out all the equipment to make our own bows and arrows when all of the sudden I heard a commotion coming from behind the tents. Going to investigate I saw impala running through camp. They didn’t give us a second glance as they darted out into the open area a short distance away.

From the bushes came the sound of warthog being attacked. I knew that sound could only mean one thing, sadly the warthogs last day!

We all quickly jumped in the gameviewer, abandoning the bows and arrows and headed towards the source of the noise. Our adrenaline pumped. What a surprise awaited us!

Eight lions feasting on not one but two warthogs. It was a thrilling but gruesome sight with equally gruesome sounds. The pride consisted of two mature lionesses, four sub-adult males and two sub-adult females. Each pride member looked exceptionally healthy. We hung around until the pride had had their fill and finally retreated into the shade of the bushes to sleep off their feast.

Sightings like this are very emotional. I myself still feel a great sadness for the warthog, I know that they have brothers and sisters, a mother and father. But its also important I explain life's balance out here in the wilderness of the Okavango Delta to all my Young Explorers.