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This was one of those days where you truly appreciate your job and I realised how privileged I am to work in the wilderness of Okuti camp in the Moremi Game Reserve. I had guests who arrived late in the afternoon after they had been travelling for 24 hours so I was very surprised that they were so eager to go on the afternoon game drive but their enthusiasm for exploring this little piece of Africa was very inspiring.


We embarked on our first game drive together straight from the airstrip, we came across a lot of general game; monkeys swinging through the trees and impala getting their last feed in before dusk. It wasn’t long before we came across a female leopard who was fairly well camouflaged behind a large Fever Berry Tree, she was resting peacefully, completely undisturbed by the sound of the vehicle.


It happened to be time for sundowners but we really didn’t want to leave this beautiful creature so we had our drinks on the vehicle, my guests mesmerized by her rosettes. The leopard started getting up slowly, taking in her surroundings as she contemplated her next movement. She walked up a dead acacia tree to get herself more of a view of the area, there was nothing that caught her attention so she walked down straight past the vehicle. My guests were so excited with this sighting and it set a great atmosphere for the rest of their stay at Okuti.

Story and images by Salani (Okuti guide)