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So often we go on game drives with predators or the “Big Five” as the main focus and we tend to forget about other interesting species of wildlife which we are so fortunate to have roaming the African wilderness, such an example is the fascinating Kudu antelope.

James and his guests were on an afternoon game drive at Okuti when they came across this majestic Kudu bull scanning the woodland area in the Xakanaxa region of the Moremi Game Reserve. Read James’ description of the sighting and how he identifies this particular moment as the Kudu’s way of surviving and adapting to an area where he is considered prey.


This massive male Kudu gave us a good show when it was standing proudly on top of a termite mound. One would think that maybe the Kudu was showing off but the real reason behind this behaviour is because he was taking advantage of the elevation of the termite mound to look out or scan the area for threats.

He was looking so majestic and beautiful, Kudus are one of the large antelopes that can be seen whilst staying at Okuti, they are not normally in large groups but you will occasionally see females in a group of seven or eight while the males are either solitary or in a small group of up to five. This is what we call a bachelor herd.

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What makes this antelope particularly special is it's impressively large horns that can measure up to 120 centimetres. The average pair of horns will have two and a half spirals – a lot of weight to carry on top of your head!

Story and images by James (Professional guide at Okuti)