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Ker & Downey Botswana is delighted to announce that Shinde is due to receive an extensive refurbishment, due for completion on the 1st of March, 2015.

As one of the pioneering safari operators in Africa, Ker & Downey camps continue to provide classically styled luxury, maintaining the historical charm of those first great African safaris. Therefore, in keeping with the Ker & Downey Botswana brand, the upgrades will focus on enhancing the elegance and authenticity of this iconic Okavango safari camp.

The Shinde refurbishment will be carried out in a two-phase process:

Phase One: Interior designers will initially replace all furniture and soft furnishings within the main camp areas, tents and throughout the exclusive ‘Shinde Enclave.’

Phase Two: The second phase will involve structural alterations to the guest tents and some minor improvements to the main area.

The central bedroom area of the tents are to be increased in size and, when combined with new ‘soft furnishings’ in classic tones befitting the natural surroundings, will provide the perfect wilderness retreat. Panoramic sliding doors lead onto an extended front deck from where guests may admire the expansive views across the Okavango Delta’s mysterious waterways or open grasslands.

The larger and completely remodelled bathrooms will also be refitted with new, stylish brass fittings and a new ‘wet room’ style shower.

Shinde’s unique multi-tiered dining room and lounge will remain essentially unchanged, with some minor alterations to the bar area adjacent to the fire deck.

Refurbishment Schedule:

Due to the weather conditions and the remote location of Shinde, the first phase will begin at the end of October and all materials and furnishings will be transported into camp well in advance of the rainy season. Once on site, new furniture and soft furnishings will then be installed over the period of several days by the interior design team.

The second phase will begin during the camp’s regular ‘off-season’ closure (5th Jan 2015 – 28th Feb 2015) ensuring no guests will be disturbed by any construction work.

All of us at Ker & Downey are extremely excited to be able to begin this refurbishment, and look forward to presenting this latest edition of a remarkable safari destination. As always Ker & Downey Botswana remains committed to maintaining exceptional standards and to ensuring our guests experience a truly unique wildlife adventure

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