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“My name is Ngakaemang but in the tourism industry I am known as Doctor which is a translation of my name in English. I was born in the Pan handle of the Okavango Delta in a small village called Gunotsoga. I started working in the safari industry as a waiter in 1996 but I always had that drive of self development so I obtained my guides licence three years later. I started working for Ker and Downey Botswana in 2015. The passion of working with nature, my love of people and the pride I have for my country has motivated me to continue pursuing my career in the tourism industry”


Doctor is one of the guides at Kanana and for those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting him, you will know that he is an extremely knowledgeable guide and all round fascinating individual, guests are guaranteed a laugh a minute on a boat trip or game drive guided by Doctor. He describes himself as a carnivore so his favourite item on the menu is the traditional Botswana beef dish of Seswaa.

In this discussion Doctor touches on two pertinent topics which he feels are key to the Kanana experience at the moment; The Heronry and The Eastern Pride.

The Heronry

“Birds are a very important part of our Eco system and we are lucky enough to have one of the biggest Heronrys in Southern Africa at Kanana

“It is important to see the different species of storks nesting alongside the Pink-backed Pelicans at the heronry”


“Stalks,believe it or not, are descendants of Vultures. Marabou stalks have remained the most similar to the vulture; you can see that it does not have feathers around its head and it is also a scavenger, feeding on carcasses and scraps. When the water recedes before the floods, there will be lots of pools and pans drying up, the stalks and pelicans will eat these dying fish and as a result remove any rot or bad smells from the water.”


What have you noticed about the heronry this year?

“There has been a dramatic multiplication of Yellow billed storks and African Openbill storks, thousands of Openbill stalks can be seen currently, making them the dominant species at the Heronry as we speak”

“The Heronry is my favourite part of Kanana, the birdlife and the scenery is amazing – it is a very tranquil and peaceful setting”


The Eastern Pride

“There is a lot of action at the moment in terms of Lion activity. There are two male lions who we call The Eastern Pride, they used to roam around the Western side of the concession but recently they have changed territory and now occupy the east of the concession, not too far from camp”


“These males found a female with three cubs who were not from their gene pool, they killed two cubs and have left a third unharmed. These males have now been accepted in the area and have been seen mating with the resident female, hopefully this means more cubs in 2017”

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What do you want the world to know about Kanana and Botswana?

“I would like to share this with the whole world, who ever is reading, I hope that it reaches them. I love Botswana, It is the most peaceful country, it’s politically stable and the people are so friendly. If you meet a Motswana you know you will have a great time. I want people to experience one of the last areas of wilderness left in Africa”