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Bojus and Tebby are part of the team that contribute to making Ker & Downey Botswana's Okuti the friendly, delightful camp that it is.

Kewame Moabi, known as Bujos when he is in the bush, was born and raised in Maun.  He was born into the tourism industry as both his parents were camp managers in the Okavango Delta which is where they met and had Bujos so he is certainly a “product of the industry”. Bujos worked for a few camps before joining Okuti and he built himself up from the bottom to where he finds himself now which he believes puts him in a better position of running a high profile camp like Okuti.


Tebby was born and raised in the south western part of Botswana in the Kgalagadi region. Before she joined Okuti she used to work in the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone, in a fitness centre until she decided that life was just too fast, busy and demanding in the city.  Her bubbly personality, beaming smile and happy disposition make her a perfect fit to manage Okuti alongside Bujos.

Having both worked at Okuti for a long time, Bujos and Tebby have many stories to tell. They love to interact with guests at meal times especially as Tebby says “It’s great to sit down with guests from different walks of life but we love it when the guests have a sense of humour, “She mentioned a time when they sat for lunch; “I remember one of the guests was asking how we name our children in the Botswana culture, the guide at the table mentioned that we name our children after a situation that is happening at that time. The guest said he would call his child Tsunami as at the time there was an outbreak of tsunamis in their country of residence”


Bujos takes pride in the menu at Okuti as he believes that it is a variety of international cuisine from different cultures and he agrees with Tebby that the favourite item on the menu among guests is the traditional Motswana meal of Seswaa and Pap. Seswaa is tender beef that is cooked for hours and shredded with a variety of traditional spices; it is served hot with pap which is a maize dish popular in African cuisine. Bujos is convinced that he has some Italian in him as his meal time favourites are Melanzane Parmigiana and lasange.


When Bujos and Tebby were asked what they love most about Okuti, their replies were:

“Okuti is a place of beautiful people and it has the best choir in the world. If you come to the bush and you leave without visiting Okuti then there is something missing from your safari. The structures of the Massasas (tents) are so unique and different, it is a combination of canvas and the traditional Motswana wall and the roof is made from reeds – they are so spacious” Bujos

“The team spirit that shines out of the camp, reflects onto the guests and they often say how they have travelled to other camps and the synergy at Okuti is unlike any where else” Tebby