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A lot of emphasis and attention is placed on the animals that we view in the bush and we tend to forget about our feathery friends who form part of the awe-inspiring wilderness that is the Okavango Delta. Whether you are an avid twitcher or not, the Delta and Botswana as a whole offer some of the best bird viewing in the world.

The mokoro trip is the perfect opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of the Delta as the movement of the vessel is so quiet, keeping the surrounding environment completely undisturbed. Below are three species of birds which we have been seeing on the mokoro excursions at Kanana


Purple Swamphen

This small chicken-like bird is often seen wandering on the edges of channels amongst the papyrus and on floating vegetation. The Swamphen feeds on the soft shoots of water plants as well as small frogs and insects.


Whiskered Tern

Often seen skimming the water on the open lagoon at Kanana, this species is also a resident of marshy areas like the wilderness of the Okavango Delta. This skimming action seen is the bird feeding, they will fly low and skim the water taking in insects just below the surface. The tern’s breeding patterns are sporadic and they will usually build a small nest in a marsh or on a sand bank near the waters edge


Malachite Kingfisher

This striking little kingfisher is commonly seen in the channels and waterways, flying between the reeds and papyrus. Its blue metallic colouration against a bright green papyrus stem really makes for the perfect photographic opportunity. The Malachite Kingfisher feeds on small fish and frogs; it will perch itself on a branch/stem over hanging the water and when its prey swims past the bird will dive down and submerge itself, hopefully bringing out with it, a meal.