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The little bee-eater (Merops Pusillus) is a rich and brightly coloured bird that would catch your eye when you are on a walking safari or even a game drive. The Bee-Eaters mostly hunt from low perches, like small shrubs or low hanging tree branches as they will wait for insects to fly out of the long grass, ambushing and hunting them in mid-air


If the bird catches a sizeable insect, it will hit the insect on hard surface to make sure it is dead – when witnessing this you would be surprised at how industrious these little birds can be.

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Little Bee-Eaters are truly the most photogenic birds in the wilderness, not only because of their striking colours, they have the most interesting characters. Little Bee-Eaters often fly in flocks of four and five and when they are not hunting as a team they are usually posing together on a branch (like the picture below).


Whilst leading a walking safari at Footsteps Across The Delta, I was lucky enough to capture these birds perched together on a tree branch. I wish they were facing the lens but luckily, we cannot plan animals behavior on safari as it wouldn’t be half the fun. Hopefully next time!


Story and Images by Omphile Kaluluka ( Specialist Guide)