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It was my favourite time of the day at Shinde, high tea! Everyone gathered on the deck for our famous homemade lemonade and freshly baked cheese scones – We were all very relaxed and looking forward to what I hoped would be a fun afternoon game drive. I tilted my head up toward the canopy of trees and a red headed weaver caught my eye, they are very hard to miss with their strikingly vibrant red plumage around the head and neck area.

I noticed he was in the beginning stages of building a nest, as I watched him I couldn’t believe how industrious he was and in the short space of time he had created the main structure of the nest. The beginning of spring and the warmer weather marks the start of breeding season for many species of birds; the male red headed weaver will build his mate a nest, once he is finished she will come and inspect her future home and if it is not up to her standards the male will build a new one.

The red headed weaver, unlike many other weaver species, builds his nest out of sticks instead of grass sometimes making for a less aesthetically pleasing design however the skill lies in the building and creation of the structure.

My guests and I made our way to the vehicle and all I hoped was that the female approved of the nest!

Blog story and images by Bonolo (Professional guide at Shinde)