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Kanana concession in the Okavango Delta is dominated by some of the “BIG TUSKERS”. These are the elephant bulls which roam the concession all year round. Once they leave the breeding herd, bull elephants spend their days in isolation or moving between small bachelor herds and as the water receeds and the temperatures sore, we see a lot of elephant activity around the heronry.


Exploring the Kanana channel by boat to the magnificent heronry island, one witnesses “a traffic jam” of these big grey giants blocking the channel. They feed on a fresh variety of aquatic plants whilst bathing to cool themselves down from the heat. It is common to see an elephant with a vine of water lillies wrapped around his trunk, he will then shake the sand off and devour the whole lot.


When you reach the heronry you will be welcomed by different melodious sounds of birds. The heronry is a breeding ground for numerous species of aquatic birds. To name a few; The gigantic Marabou stock with it's red pouch ready to court the opposite sex, the Open Billed Stork fighting it's way for a perfect landing spot and of course the Pink-Backed Pelicans are also present and taking their stand so as to not be outshined by the dainty Egrets with their delicate white feathers.


Story and Images by Doctor (professional guide at Kanana)