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It was a beautiful winter’s afternoon when my guests and I left camp for an afternoon game drive. We were enjoying the splendor of the Kanana concession when I heard the alarm call from a worried Kudu. We drove in the direction of the call hoping to to find the culprit causing alarm. Scanning the area in the direction of the Kudu's stares we spotted in the grass perfectly hidden a leopard cub on a fresh impala kill. As we sat and watched, breaths held, lenses focused the cub left the kill, wondering over to join its mother in the thicker grass. The mother slowly revealing herself, moved to the kill and continued feeding whilst we watched on in amazement.


It was incredible to see her cover the fresh blood, hiding the scent from other predators. Such majestic and intelligent creatures. The cub followed her lead and helped to cover all trace of the kill. A vital skill the young leopard would need later on in life. Once mum was satisfied with the “clean up”, she dragged the kill to under a nearby Fever Berry Tree.


The following morning we were up and out by first light, eager to be reunited with the leopard and her cub. We rejoined the pair a short distance from the previous days scene. As they slept off their hearty meal from the safety of a tree branch we were able to get some spectacular photographs. I'm sure these memories will stay with my guests for a very long time to come.