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A few days ago I was guiding a Swiss family of five at Shinde. We all got into the vehicle and headed out on a game drive, the morning was a very cool one and as we approached the Four Pans area a swift, chilly breeze swept through the vehicle. This area is arguably one of the most picturesque on the concession during this time of the day!

Through the spectacular golden light on the water I caught sight of a lone female Wild dog eyeing out a herd of red lechwe who were standing near the waters edge.This Wild dog had her eye on the prize and nothing was going to stand in her way, not even the barking Chacma baboons alarm calling nearby.

She began the chase but was not successful as the lechwe ran deeper into the water, a common survival tactic these antelope will often use when running from predators.

As she began running towards the main land she noticed a lonely male Wildebeest standing on the flood plain a few metres away from her

The Wild dog seized the moment and went after the Wildebeest, within a split second of the chase the wildebeest noticed that this female was not hunting in a pack and this is when the tables turned. It was a nail-biting moment and the mood in the vehicle was tense.

She eventually gave up and ran away from the angry Wildebeest, without the support of a pack her survival is at greater risk if she was to be injured. This lone female Wild dog is known to a successful hunter however Four Pans was not providing breakfast on this particular day!

Blog story by Moses Teko (Ker & Downey Botswana Guide Liaison)

Photo credit: Juliette & Nieves Cottier (Moses' guests at Shinde)