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I recently shared the ‘New Kids on the Block’ blog about the three lion cubs who I have been following for quite some time and I am pleased to say that they are all doing very well. We have a lot of hyenas and other predators in the Footstep's area so this lioness has done an outstanding job on raising these cubs which are about six months old now.

A few months ago we were spending time with this pride and the three cubs when I noticed that the third female member was fully pregnant. We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new additions but I knew that the mother would keep them well hidden for at least the first six weeks of their life.

Much to our excitement, I was on an afternoon game drive with guests when we came across the pride with five cubs, the three six-month-old cubs and the tiny three-month-old smaller cubs.

When we first saw the cubs, the pride was feasting on a fresh zebra kill. The bigger cubs were feeding but the little cubs were keeping close to their mother, suckling and playing in the grass with one another.

This pride is the only resident pride on Footsteps, other Lions who are seen have been passing through the concession or they are dominant over the Shinde side of the concession. This is positive as currently there is no threat to the cubs and their survival from other dominant males and we hope it remains this way while they are growing up.

Blog story and Images by Omphile Kalaluka (Specialist Guide at Footsteps)