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Female lions are known to be precision hunters if not the best marksman when hunting.

It’s sheer ferocity when pouncing on un-suspecting animal leaves a lot to be desired by other predators in the animal kingdom.DER_0345

Your perception of the Lion would have certainly changed had you seen the interaction I witnessed between a Lioness and her cubs in the Moremi Game Reserve. It had been a fairly chilly morning game drive from Okuti but the vibrant autumn rays of sunshine had begun creeping in and I could feel it was going to be an exciting morning. We were ambling along slowly, appreciating the morning light reflecting off the lush environment of the Delta when I spotted two little black ears sticking out of the thicket in front of me.Lion and cub

Nestled in a plush forest next to a large termite mound was a beautiful Lioness with her cub. As we approached and I was able to get a better view of the both of them, it seemed as though the Lioness was whispering stories of the wilderness into her cub’s ears, the cub reacting with increased affection towards her mother. We sat and watched them interact and I think we were all completely in awe of how gentle this Lioness was being. Lion and cub

The two began to get up slowly, the cubs restlessness making the mother realise that it was time to start walking before the heat of the day set in. They began wandering down the road together as if they both had an eventual destination in mind. At this stage of maternity, the lioness is fiercely protective so we kept a fair distance and watched this regal animal walk ahead into the bush alongside her beautiful offspring.

Text and images by Solly (Okuti Guide)