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The Shinde concession continues to provide jaw dropping sightings of lions. Following another night filled with the roars, known and never forgotten by anyone which has been fortunate enough to hear the call of the African king, we embarked on a game drive to look for the lions responsible for the noisy night. The only thing on our minds was to find them, but found much more than we had expected!

Initially we found, not far from camp two fresh female tracks accompanied by the Shinde cubs.(see previous blogs). Everybody was on the edge of their seats, with the expectation of seeing them. We tracked the lions closely and the tracks seemingly led us all over the place and it appeared the lions were hunting. After some time, we spotted distant vultures, diverted and immediately knew something was very fishy, or should I say, meaty! However as we drew closer, we realised that the lions were three females who we didn't recognise and therefore are new to the concession. They had just finished feasting on a young wildebeest and the vultures were descending on the carcass. The females were lying under a small bush, breathing heavily and clearly uncomfortable with their full bellies. We were able to capture some great footage of these beautiful cats.

The next morning with the previous night's calls and more lion tracks, it was clear that the activity of choice would be a game drive which would hopefully reveal some more excitement. The drive didn't disappoint and while we were again unable to find the cubs, we were even more fortunate, and came across the three new females as they began a hunt. This hunt was again successful and we observed as the lions, as a team, stalked and killed a warthog right in front of the vehicle!!

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