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At Shinde there is a beautiful place called Four Pans, the reason for the name is because this area has water throughout year that is spread out amongst four inter-connected pans. Four Pans will never let you down in terms of game viewing, it so rich in a variety of species of animals and it full of aquatic birds. If you drive past Four pans you are likely to see large herds of Red Lechwe, Tsessebe, Zebra, Wattled Crane, Saddle-billed stork and, finally, my favourite, a troop of Chacma Baboons who seem to spend most of their days hanging around the water.


It was a beautiful spring morning; my guests were looking slightly weary from the early wake up so I decided to head to Four Pans first for, what I hoped would be, a bit of comic relief from our resident primate family. Everybody thought I was crazy, Boy OH Boy!


From the moment we stopped and watched the baboons they started posing for the camera and behaving like they were on stage. There was one particular young male baboon who was sat on top of a termite mound, I told my guests to take their binoculars out and focus on him.


He had everyone in stitches of laughter as he sat there like an old man, pondering life, elbows resting on his knees. At one stage this male baboon had lifted his foot quite close to his face as there was obviously an obstruction there that seemed to be bothering him, he looked at it for a while and then, without hesitation, went on to put most of his toes in his mouth.


We did not stop laughing for the duration of the viewing and tired eyes turned to happy hearts for the rest of the day.

Story and images by Bee (professional guide at Shinde)