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Kanana concession in the Okavango Delta is dominated by some of the “BIG TUSKERS”. These are the elephant bulls which roam the concession all year round. Once they leave the breeding herd, bull elephants spend their days in isolation or moving between small bachelor herds and as the water receeds and the temperatures sore, we… Read more »


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“My name is Ngakaemang but in the tourism industry I am known as Doctor which is a translation of my name in English. I was born in the Pan handle of the Okavango Delta in a small village called Gunotsoga. I started working in the safari industry as a waiter in 1996 but I always… Read more »

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It was time to set out on an afternoon boat trip at Kanana, everyone was eagerly awaiting the visit to the Heronry, one of Southern Africa’s most important Pink-backed Pelican breeding sites (Watch this space for the blog). What we didn’t realise was that the trip to Heronry would bring us just as much excitement as… Read more »

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Lions, being part of the greater feline family, are known not to favor water unless they are re-hydrating and in saying this, their bodies are adapted to go without water for days if need be. This particular afternoon, on the banks of the Xudum River at Kanana, made me realise how adaptable these animals really… Read more »