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Shinde is known for its fantastic game viewing and it certainly lived up to it’s reputation on this particular day. It was time for the afternoon game drive, there was a breeze blowing and the weather had clouded over making for a lovely cool afternoon. We headed out towards the Footsteps area and got to… Read more »

fish eagle edited 4

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It was a very peaceful morning in the Shinde concession and we were ambling along on game drive fairly close to the lagoon. Just ahead, a tree branch was hanging over the lagoon, and perched on it was a beautiful African fish eagle. The bird was alert, focusing on the water and moving his wings… Read more »

Serval back edited

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I went out for a morning game drive with my guests and it turned out to be a fairly quiet day on the Shinde concession however we were lucky to find a Serval cat. We were surprised to see this little cat out and about in the sunshine as it is specified as a primarily nocturnal, it’s… Read more »


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The Cheetah is a large elegant cat with long legs and solid black spots, black tear-marks between the eyes and mouth. It can sprint at 112km/h over a short distances, the fully grown healthy cheetah can weigh up to 50kg. Cheetah is not a common sighting at Shinde due to the high number on lion and… Read more »