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At Shinde guests enjoy regular sightings of Side-Striped Jackal as they favour the scrub areas present in the concession. The Side-Striped Jackal is larger than its more carnivorous cousin the Black-Backed Jackal. The jackal will often inhabit the same area for long periods of time and unknown to most, the breeding pair can remain monogamous… Read more »


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At Shinde there is a beautiful place called Four Pans, the reason for the name is because this area has water throughout year that is spread out amongst four inter-connected pans. Four Pans will never let you down in terms of game viewing, it so rich in a variety of species of animals and it… Read more »


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The Southern Carmine Bee- Eater (Merops Nubicoides) is one of our resident migrants that form a part of the vibrant fauna and flora that make up the Okavango Delta in summer season. We all appreciate these birds and their striking colouration when we have the pleasure of viewing them in the bush but once they leave,… Read more »