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2017 has been the year of big cats at Kanana, the lion sightings have been fantastic and they are only getting better! The Kanana pride are territorial in the area and there is another large pride that is often seen passing through the concession. Alongside the two prides we also have a coalition of brothers who are dominant in the area and they have been seen mating females from both prides – this hopefully means that we will be expecting cubs soon!

It was a typical October afternoon, the air was hot and still and I could see the start of storm clouds building up in the distance! My guests, a great group of people from Australia, and myself met for high tea where we made the most of the refreshments on offer. There was a feeling of anticipation and mystery in the air, what was Kanana going to deliver us this afternoon?

Much to our delight we came across the pair of male lions resting lazily in the shade of a large Jackalberry Tree. Completely undisturbed by the vehicle, the two of them continued sleeping as we we approached the sighting!

The one male raised his head slowly, revealing the beauty of his full tawny mane followed a long, drawn out picture perfect YAWN! There was a murmur of excitement coming from the back of the vehicle as the second male raised his head and gave us another yawn.

The two of them started grooming one another in an act of brotherly bonding! We often forget how social lions are, they are the most social of all species of big cats – this grooming is also important in strengthening their bond, especially during periods where there is competition between the two of them for females from other prides!

Watching these brothers interact in such a manner was truly special and made for a perfect start to an afternoon exploring the Kanana concession.

Blog story and images by Robby (Professional Guide at Kanana)