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Last weekend the lovely people of Botswana joined together in celebrating the 50th independence anniversary of the country. A truly remarkable milestone achieved through perseverance, pride and team work. The Ker and Downey Botswana camp’s created their own programs as to how they thought the day should be celebrated and these celebrations that took place were a true microcosm of the pride and joy that the country was reflecting as a whole


Okuti decorated the entire verandah area after dinner so that when guests arrived for breakfast they were surprised to see that camp had been transformed into the colors of the Botswana Flag, as Bujos the Okuti Camp Manager said “When the guests saw this they knew they were in for a great day”. The day carried on as normal until high tea when the team set out the tables and chairs under the trees and gave the guests a brief explanation about the history of Botswana and the Okavango Delta.


Tswii and Samp was on the menu for dinner at Shinde, Tswii is a dish made from grilled water lily stems and cuts of tender beef. This is served alongside samp which is a type of grain popular in many traditional African dishes. Dessert in all the camps was the famous vanilla sponge cake decorated with blue, black and white icing.


After the cutting of the cake took place, all of the camps put on a show which involved traditional singing and dancing and most of the guests joined in, a truly happy end to a special day in the history of Botswana.