Kanana’s new pride of lions

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April was an eventful month at Kanana! The appearance of three lionesses accompanied by nine cubs of roughly eight months old caused much excitement for everyone! The following update and stunning photos by Aubrey Malekane, one of Kanana’s experienced guides, describe the drama that unfolded in the weeks following their first appearance. It was in… Read more »

Shinde Pride’s Coalition

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Shinde Pride’s Coalition In early 2013, the Shinde concession lion population was thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a coalition of four male lions. The following months has seen some incredible and often traumatic events for the lions and people alike, and provided a fascinating insight into the dynamics of lion social organisation and… Read more »

The Wild Dog that popped in for breakfast at Kanana

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Early one morning as the camp’s guests and guides were settling down for breakfast, a herd of clearly distressed impala came charging through the dining area. As the guides looked in the direction from which the herd had come, three wild dog were spotted pulling an impala to the ground. With breakfast instantly forgotten, all the… Read more »

Hyena snatches leopard kill at Shinde

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A recent leopard sighting at Shinde caught everyones attention! Leopard are, while seen relatively often in the Shinde concession, remain an unusual sighting. This sighting of a previously unknown young male, reminds us of the delicate positions even the top predators hold in the ever changing wildlife hierarchy. Circling yellow billed kites initially aroused the… Read more »

Walking in the Okavango Delta leads to all sorts of excitement.

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Walking in the Okavango, Botswana is full of surprises Guests were enjoying a morning walking Okavango safari at  Footsteps Across the Delta in the northern Okavango Delta, the rising summer temperatures dictating an early start. The guides noted lions roaring in the mid morning, several kilometres away. The lateness of their activity led the guides to… Read more »