Shinde Leopard Cubs – The New Arrivals

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Shinde Leopard Cub Okavango Delta Ker Downey Botswana

Shinde Leopard Cubs  – The New Arrivals The Shinde concession is well known for its healthy population of leopards, especially the territorial male and female and their two cubs born last year, which all featured prominently in the video The Ker & Downey Experience (6 days in 6 minutes) . Having waited many weeks for… Read more »

Wild dog activity at Kanana

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Ker Downey Botswana

Kanana guests have experienced some dramatic and exciting wild dog sightings over the last few days, from  dogs chasing a honey badger to elephants chasing the dogs! This very morning, whilst enjoying freshly brewed coffee and a scrumptious breakfast, the camp guides noticed several wild dogs pursuing a female kudu through the camp, before diverting their… Read more »

The Kanana pride try to hunt a hippo

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The African bush never ceases to amaze even the most seasoned traveller or guide. At any moment a seemingly relaxed sighting can instantly become dramatic and an often unique scene. On an evening game drive within the Kanana concession part of the Okavango Delta, guides spotted a pride of lions lazing away the last vestiges of… Read more »

Shinde : The Future of the Shinde Pride is growing fast !

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Following the dramatic events surrounding the arrival of four male lions to the Shinde concession and the ousting of the incumbent pair, much interest has been shown in the wellbeing of the pride and the offspring of this coalition, which resulted in eight cubs. Senior guide OP updated us on a recent surprise discovery in… Read more »

Even more lionesses arrive in the Shinde Concession – written by Omphile (OP) Kaluluka

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The Shinde concession continues to provide jaw dropping sightings of lions. Following another night filled with the roars, known and never forgotten by anyone which has been fortunate enough to hear the call of the African king, we embarked on a game drive to look for the lions responsible for the noisy night. The only… Read more »