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These tiny, beautiful creatures live in the vicinity of marshes and pools ringed with reeds and can often be seen whilst on a mokoro adventure at Kanana. The Angolan Painted Reed frogs are about 35 mm in length and they are the most brightly coloured of all the frogs we see in the Delta.This colouration plays a major part in their survival strategy and adaption to the environment in which they find themselves.

The interesting thing is that their colouration like in all animals is caused by the presence of pigment cells. Some of these cells contain minute reflecting platelets which by the reflection and distraction of light produce the structural colour which creates a pattern unique to every frog - this also helps them when it comes to camouflaging themselves. A second adaptation linked to the colour of the Angolan Painted Reed Frog is the demonstration of warning colours that signals to predators that the creature is unpalatable. To us the coloration represents beauty, to predators it is a clear warning sign to stay away!

These fascinating little frogs are always a wonder for many guests when they are on a boat cruise or mokoro ride as they are easy to miss yet there are so many of them dotted in and amongst the reeds, lily pads and papyrus stalks that line the waterways of the delta. All you have to do is listen and take a closer look into your surroundings!

Blog story and Images by Doctor (Professional Guide at Kanana)