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It was a very peaceful morning in the Shinde concession and we were ambling along on game drive fairly close to the lagoon. Just ahead, a tree branch was hanging over the lagoon, and perched on it was a beautiful African fish eagle. The bird was alert, focusing on the water and moving his wings as though he was about to take off at any moment.

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In an instant the fish eagle swopped down towards the water and in one movement the bird emerged with a sizeable catfish. My guests could not believe the speed and precision of the hunt as well as the size of the fish the eagle was able to lift out the water.

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We are lucky enough to see the African fish eagle regularly at Shinde as there is a permanent water source that provides a great habitat for these birds of prey. Their distinct call often echoes through the camp and for me, I believe, it is the unique call of Africa.

Interestingly enough, African fish eagles are monogamous and they will mate for life. They are very successful breeders and a habitat like the Okavango Delta is the perfect breeding site as they build their nests fairly close to the water and will probably use these nests for the duration of their life span.

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Many guests ask how the fish eagle is able to see fish, in sometimes, very deep, dark water. The African fish eagle has extremely accurate vision, this is owing to the fact that they have five times as many light receptors as the human eye does, therefore they are able to pick up colours which would appear camouflaged to the human eye.

Story by Bonolo (professional guide at Shinde)