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It was time to head out for an afternoon of fishing and birding on the winding channels of the Xudum River at Kanana. We took a leisurely cruise admiring the fauna and flora of the surrounding landscape, flushing african darters and malachite kingfishers as we made our way through the papyrus lined channels.

It was when we reached the lagoon I slowed down to view the pod of hippo who provide us with great entertainment as we pass them everyday. I noticed that there was also a herd of elephant standing on the side of the river feeding. I strategically placed the boat hoping that there was chance the herd may cross the channel. Once they had finished eating the elephants started to walk into the water slowly and before we knew it they were crossing the channel right in front of us!

Everyone was in awe of these giants moving so gracefully across the channel. The herd took their time and made the most of wallowing in the cool water and feeding on the water lilies before walking out onto the other side, an area known as Paradise island

We moved on feeling very satisfied with what we had seen and the sighting made for an exciting start to an afternoon of fishing and fun.

Blog story and Images by Robby (Professional Guide at Kanana)