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After what had been a very successful day in the bush, it was time to wind down and enjoy a sundowner before we sat for dinner under the stars. The day’s sightings had made for lots of stories and there was certainly a buzz coming from the open area at Kanana. It was time to move towards the dinner table, once we sat down my guests immediately gazed upwards to look at the star-peppered sky, this scene along with the night time bush chorus is something I will never take for granted.


The usual nightly chorus consists of a few Foam-nest tree frogs and the “tink tink” sound of the Epauletted fruit bat, however this night turned out to be slightly different. My guests and I were mid conversation when we heard a dramatic snapping and crashing of branches below the deck, unbeknown to us, a large bull elephant had come to join us for dinner. He looked curious at first, lifting his trunk to pick up our scents but as the elephant began to move closer I could sense a hint of frustrated caution in his eyes.

Elephant edited

I asked my guests to back off from him to respect his space and as we moved back he stepped forward and put his trunk out in our direction. It was magical to be so close to this giant and it was an exciting end to the day however an interaction like this really does remind us how unpredictable nature can be.

Story by Simon (Kanana guide)