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It’s been a busy week of game viewing at Kanana and it seems as though the frequent leopard sightings are really providing for a lot of interesting game drives.

Junior, professional guide at Kanana, was on early morning game drive when he identified leopard spoor on the road in front of him – he knew immediately by the size of the spoor that Kanana’s largest male leopard was in the vicinity. When they eventually found him walking on a game path he was making his way towards camp.

Male edited 2

(Photo taken by Junior, professional guide at Kanana)

Junior and his guests followed the male leopard until he was about three hundred metres from the entrance and as the leopard got closer he began scent marking and roaring frequently.

Male edited

(Photo taken by Junior, professional guide at Kanana)

On the same morning Simon and Robby were also following a female leopard who was scanning the area as she stood on a termite mound just outside the gate to Kanana. There was an impala bull nearby which she began stalking, using the termite mound as cover. The impala sensed the female leopard’s presence and alerted the rest of the herd by snorting, ruining any chance of a good breakfast for the leopard.

female edited simon

(Photo taken by Simon, professional guide at Kanana)

Once everyone returned to camp after a successful game drive for all parties, the guides realised that the male leopard was roaring and scent marking as he approached the area where the female leopard was stalking the impala.

Female Leopard edited no watermark

(Photo taken by Robby, professional guide at Kanana)

What happened once everyone returned to camp is a mystery but the female leopard was successful in killing an impala the same afternoon!

Story and images by: Simon, Robby and Junior (Professional guides at Kanana)